Girls with Grace ...: grace at a glance (English Edition)

This is not your grandmother’s etiquette book.In a world where “etiquette” and “manners” are being increasingly equated to “being old-fashioned,” Girls with Grace is the Social Graces and Empowerment 101 handbook you never thought you needed.Forget going to finishing school, Girls with Grace serves as a handy guide to social graces and personal improvement. This book revisits rules of etiquette and breaks them down into manageable, easy-to-understand tips that are readily applicable to your daily life. Knowing this little—and often forgotten—social conventions and common courtesies will ultimately help boost your confidence in navigating any social situation you find yourself in. From personal style to money management to dating and goal-setting, Girls with Grace is full of tips to make sure you are empowered to handle everyday situations confidently, to achieve your dreams and desires courageously, and to treat the people you meet along the way with respect and dignity. Whether you’re meeting dignitaries, going to a job interview, or even meeting the future love of your life, the tips within this book will help you in making sure you’re always projecting your best self.Let Girls with Grace help you make a commitment to yourself to live your most authentic self with grace, dignity, and confidence.

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Book Title: Girls with Grace ...: grace at a glance (English Edition)

Book Author: Gracemarie Serafina

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